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Computer Skills Courses For Rehabilitation Providers Clients

So you have clients that have been involved in Work accidents? They've never really had a big need for computer skills in their industry but the problem is, they can't go back to their old job now because of their injuries.

Regardless of their previous industry (mechanic, builder, tradesman, truck driver, labourer, factory worker...) they can't go back to this. They are going to need to learn some new skills and probably move more into an office role, maybe in the same industry or possibly another one. It may even be part time but to do any of this they are going to need at least some fundamental computer skills.


What options do your clients have to retrain?

Rehabilitation ServicesA few options exist to get your clients back on their feet (pun intended).

Firstly they could go off and do some sort of TAFE or University course on learning computers. It might be a 3, 6 or 12 month course or more (if they complete it) and at the end will they be any closer to getting work? Maybe.Will any of it be relevant to them and getting a job? Possibly not.

Apart from the fact that the insurer has probably had to pay out for a year or perhaps several years of payments while they get prepared to "Start looking for a Job". It's a big gamble and the reality is that they may loose interest, not turn up, find it all too hard or decide themselves "they are no good with computers". If if they do manage to complete their course, are the skills really relevant to what they would need to know to work in an office environment?

At the end of this period you may be back again at square one having wasted thousands of dollars of the insurers money and your client is still no better off and it was all a waste of time. The skills we teach are the skills used by every office worker across the country and will give them what they need to attend interviews with confidence. If they are willing to learn we can teach them, even if they are not sure we can often turn them around once their confidence is restored.


The best solution is Customised 1-on-1 Training!

Rather than throwing 6 to 12 months of insurance payments, travel expenses and wasting time and energy on a course they may not even finish...the solution is to bring the training to them, at their own pace, and quite frankly achieve more in 1-2 weeks than several years of studying useless information.

Some advantages of providing 1-on-1 training for your clients:

Give your clients the best chance to get back to the workforce now

We have a variety of different courses available from a one day "Computer Essentials" course to a series of courses either back to back or spread out over several weeks to show them hope, give them confidence but more importantly give them the skills that they will need to be able to start searching for and applying for jobs.

Our courses cover topics like using business email, creating documentation and reports, building spreadsheets and working with lists of information, creating promotional materials, assisting managers prepare presentations and much more.

Supporting your clients to get them back on their feet.

Productive Again

Contact us today to discuss you clients needs so we can tailor a training package to suit their needs. Speak to Greg on (02) 9967 0006 or (0416) 027 865 or email




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