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Providing Professional Computer Training to the entire Sydney Metro Area and Nationally across Australia for over 25 years.We specialise in Onsite Training for Companies, One-on-One Customised Training for Individuals and Managers and Microsoft and Adobe Certification providing International Accreditation for your skills on Microsoft Office and Adobe products.

For a little more than the cost of attending a regular public course you can have your own 1-on-1 training session where you are in total control!

You pick the topics you want to learn, a pace that you are comfortable with and you also have the ability to ask any questions as you think of them. If you are looking for the ultimate training experience for yourself, a client, a staff member, a manager or your entire team our style of training is exactly what you need.

If you are already fairly familiar with a particular program and more want to "fill in the blanks" then a 1-on-1 customised training session is the way to go. Depending on your existing skills having your training as a 1-on-1 session allows to to cover the topics you need help with and is highly effective. You can often cover up to two days of regular content in a single day making it very worthwhile and time efficient.

All of our courses are led by patient, knowledgeable Microsoft and Adobe Certified Professionals with decades of knowledge and real world experience and we are proud to be one of only 2 Premier Partners in NSW for Microsoft Office Certification (not National but International accreditation which we also provide).

We train Individuals looking for Work or a Better Future, Companies wanting to Increase Productivity and Inspire their Teams to Learn New Skills and we also do a lot of Work for Rehabilitation Companies helping their Clients re-engage back to the workforce after a Work Accident.

Some of the advantages of doing a closed course rather than a public course include:

We provide a series of courses for most packages including the things everyone should know using the software (our Essentials level courses), through to Intermediate and Advanced level courses. All of our standard courses come with a professionally written training manual to keep, a certificate of completion and hundreds of practice and revision exercises along with the files used during the training for post course revision and practice.

Having full documentation to keep of topics covered during the course means that students can revise, practice and learn more in their own time after the training which also helps increase confidence, skills and speed on the software.

We provide a learning environment which is fun, dynamic and customised to each individual training session ensuring all of our students learn using accelerated learning techniques but also learn the most efficient and productive ways to use the software.

Speak to us today - You'll be glad you did!

Our students consistently have comments like : "wow, I should have done this 5-10 years ago" or "if I only knew all this when I did last months reporting" or even hanging their heads saying "when I think of how much time I have wasted doing things the slow way". We really can show you better, faster ways of doing your work!

Our courses also come with our Guarantee of Quality. Don't make the mistake of booking a course with an inferior provider and having it be a waste of time, energy and money. Have a look at our Courses page and make your decision today!




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