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MOS Certification

Microsoft Office 2010 Specialist Certification (MOS)

NOTE: The following exams have been discontinued. Legacy information about these exams remains here just for informational purposes. The only exams currently available are listed on the 2019 and 2016 links on the left.

Achieving the title of a Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Office 2010 in any of the approved applications takes you to a new level of knowledge and skill and sets you apart in that chosen application.

It proves to yourself, your employers and your peers that you truly have the knowledge to work with these applications to their full extent. You have the knowledge to successfully pass globally recognised exams to prove your aptitude in the software and its operation.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Example of a MOS Certificate (Master Instructor)

As the official certification for the Microsoft Office family of desktop computing software, certification is designed to prove computer skills and desktop productivity in the programs that have become the standard for businesses around the world. Wall to Wall Computer Services provides this Worldwide recognition and certification.

What are the advantages being MOS certified?

  • Being able to provide proof of your level of expertise
  • The ability to join an elite group of Microsoft Office Specialists and Experts from around the world
  • Allowing to you differentiate yourself and secure better placement and future advancement
  • Have more opportunities available to you by better education
  • International Validation of your professional desktop skills
  • A smile of confidence on your face for that next interview or promotion opportunity

Office 2010 Exams Listing (MOS)

Certification Level

Sample Exams Topics List

Word 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-881

Word 2010 Expert Certification

Exam 77-887

Excel 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-882

Excel 2010 Expert Certification

Exam 77-888

PowerPoint 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-883

Outlook 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-884

Access 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-885

OneNote 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-853

SharePoint 2010 Specialist Certification

Exam 77-886

Become a Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Master

The Microsoft Office Master certification denotes fluency in several important Microsoft Office applications. To achieve this highest designation, a candidate must pass three (3) required exams (Word Expert, Excel Expert and PowerPoint) and one (1) elective exam (Outlook or Access):

Microsoft Office Master

What do I need to do now?

  1. Decide which package/s you would like to certify for
  2. Check your knowledge against the table above and define which areas you need more help with
  3. Optionally: Speak to one of our consultants about getting your knowledge to the correct level
  4. Contact us and we will set aside a date and time for you to sit your exam (you will know the results on completion)
  5. If successful, your certificate will be posted to you directly in several weeks time after the exam

How much does it all cost?

The cost for sitting each exam at Wall to Wall Computer Services is $220 including GST. Each exam takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. We are based just north of Chatswood, Sydney Australia.

Call now and book your MOS exam

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